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Glamble Gifts & Accessories first opened its doors on the 2nd of May 2015 originally named Coquet Cosmetics, as part of a newly developed retail site called Amble Harbour Village. Located by the Harbour in the Northumberland town of Amble, the Harbour Village is made up of 15 retail outlets known as the pods and although they are only 3mx3m, its amazing what you can fit inside them! Also part of the Harbour Village is the Northumberland Seafood Centre and Hatchery, a regeneration project to create a distinctive local seafood offer and tourist experience in Amble.

The pods are open 6/7 days a week in the summer and each one offers something different. As Amble is a popular destination for holiday makers, lots of customers asked if my products were available online as they weren't from the local area, which is one of the reasons for creating this website.

The pod itself is owned by me (Laura Hardy) I'm originally from Sunderland, but moved to Amble in 2014 after visiting my parents when they moved here. Amble is a beautiful place to live, with lots of fabulous places to visit right on your doorstep. Although I'm actually trained in catering and hospitality, I've always loved cosmetics (particularly nail varnish!) and after moving here and struggling to find anywhere decent to buy cosmetics, I really felt that there was a definite gap in the market in Amble. It was then I started to look into the idea of having a pod selling affordable cosmetics for all ages and budgets.

In 2018 I started to develop my first range of bath bombs and our bestselling Puffin Eggs were created! I have since invested more time in making lots of my own products and I now not only make a wide range of Bath Bombs there's also Soaps, Bubble Scoops/Bars and Whipped Soaps.

Then in 2020 I made the very First Glamble Bag and haven't stopped since! The range is constantly expanding, with the latest range being the Bridal party collecton perfect for gifts on the big day.

The products I sell are all sourced by me (most of the time I buy things I like in the hope that my customers like them too!) I love products like novelty lip balms/nail polishes and other products you don't typically see on the high street.

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